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Brands & Agencies

The impressively high and rapid penetration of mobile communication over the years has made Mobile Marketing an increasingly popular medium.

Brands and Agencies around the globe rely on the mobile channel to communicate with and engage their audience in an interactive manner. VoiceWeb has exceled in combining technical expertise and innovation with marketing communication principles to design, develop, and execute targeted mobile campaigns aiming to:

  • capture the attention in a cluttered environment
  • boost awareness
  • enhance brand image
  • strengthen brand loyalty and
  • engage customers as members of a mobile social community

Our customers rely on our products and solutions in order to gain insight into their customers and attract new ones via highly targeted and personalized mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile marketing via SMS has expanded rapidly and VoiceWeb, pioneering the use of this channel to reach consumers, has developed successful Mega SMS Promotions for several companies accross many industries. Our advanced SMS Platform has evolved to include sophisticated participation enhancement mechanisms and exciting game play features, offering impressive campaign results.

In addition, Automated Outbound Communication Campaigns, via either Voice or SMS, have also been implemented for our customers as an alternative means to deliver marketing messages to their audience. We thus secure that the message has maximum effectiveness and proven results.

Last but not least, VoiceWeb can assist in the design and build of appealing Smartphone Applications,  adapted to customer’s needs and for all major platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, RIM, Windows), as well as Video Applications, based on video calls, for a more vivid experience. The highly sophisticated user interfaces designed by our specialized team have proven to create exceptional and engaging user experiences allowing the creation of customer communities around product or service brands.

Select customers in this area include:

Access to Statistical Analysis and Report Generation Tools