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Many corporations across a number of  industries have trusted VoiceWeb's innovative products and solutions to assist them in applying a customer-centric communication approach. 

VoiceWeb's expertise lies in designing, developing and implementing turnkey solutions for integrated customer care systems, such as Voice Portals, Voice Commerce solutions, Voice Authentication solutions, Video IVRs etc. Our solutions combine the best available thechnologies in the marketplace today with our unique in-house developed know-how to provide our customers with a fully customized voice, sms, web, wap, and mobile-internet-enabled environment.

Even though our technological expertise is a key facilitator, it is the deep understanding and knowledge of human communication and interaction that enable VoiceWeb to differentiate from competition, delivering state-of-the-art solutions. The underlying element of all our customer propositions is how best to facilitate the user's interaction with the service and to cater to their needs at any step of the process, in a manner that will ensure satisfaction and repeated use of the service.

Many market-leading companies are operating Voice Commerce (voice-driven e-commerce) systems to deliver services like flight information & booking or real-time stock trading using voice authentication. Infotainment companies are moving towards aggregation of their services (unified messaging, address book, shopping) and Internet based content (stock quotes, movies, Yellow Pages) to make them available over any device. Enterprise and e-commerce companies see tremendous opportunity to expand their customer reach to the vast number of global phone users, and they’re engaging the help of infrastructure providers to voice-enable their content and services.

Technical Expertise coupled with exceptional user interfaces make customers such as Banks, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Petrol Companies, Retailers and many others rely on VoiceWeb as their preferred solutions provider.

Select customers include:

Access to Statistical Analysis and Report Generation Tools