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Customer relationship is at the heart of every business; with this in mind operators are always looking for ways to establish and maintain a strong, successful, and profitable communication channel with their target group. The ensuing relationship built on trust, will differentiate the operator both in terms of profitability as well as brand equity.

VoiceWeb has worked in developing customer-oriented communication solutions, to address various aspects of Operators’ communication with their customers, such as Customer Care, CRM, Mobile Marketing and Value Added Services.

Our complete solution for Customer Care Automation enhances customers' experiencereduces operating costs and increases customer satisfaction; and at the end of the day a happy customer is a loyal customer! With custom products to fulfill the needs of different segments, unparalleled Speech User Interface (SUI) design and high  technical implementation standards, users are engaged in an exceptional manner, achieving efficient problem solving.

Successful customer relationship management is also effectively and efficiently established via VoiceWeb's Multi-channel Outbound Communication solution. IVR Outbound Campaigns, Automated Customer Surveys, Bulk SMS, Video IVR and several other products are used individually or in combination in order to secure the best customer-centric communication with measurable and proven results.

Customers however need to also be "pampered" or "rewarded" or even "have fun"! Mega SMS Promos are the best way to create innovative and entertaining interaction via an advanced one-2-one dialogue with consumers, having a lasting impression. At the same time Operators benefit by increased revenues, churn reduction, and brand loyalty enhancement.

VoiceWeb also designs, builds and operates mobile infotainment value added services, such as IVR Portals and high-end smartphone applications. Subscribers are kept informed and entertained via their phones in ways other than just "voice calls", allowing Operators to drive up their ARPU.

Being a communications company with technical expertise, many Operators have trusted VoiceWeb's products and solutions in establishing a strong relationship with their customers.

Select customers include:

Access to Statistical Analysis and Report Generation Tools