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Merchant Voice Authorization

VoiceWeb's Merchant Voice Authorization (MVA) is an automated phone product for merchants lacking a POS terminal connection. By simply calling an IVR system with Speech Recognition capabilities, merchants can have credit card payments approved. Credit Card Processing (CCP) companies can also offer this alternative to merchants who have credit card imprinters instead of online POS terminals.

The MVA process calls initially for merchant authentication. Merchants can either be authenticated by the merchant code or the phone number used to make the call.

Merchants can select the number of installments their customers wish. The system supports payments in multiple currencies, defined by the bank or CCP company per merchant, most popular card types (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Electron etc), as well as cards issueb by several banks simultaneously.

VoiceWeb's MVA also supports V-Receipts. These are unique n-digit codes known only by the merchant and the end-customer involved per transaction. Using this code merchants can claim payment from the bank and customers can track payments for the transaction.

Feel free to contact us or check out the product brochure and demo for additional information .
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