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PIN Delivery

VoiceWeb's PIN Delivery revolutionizes the way cardholders receive their PINs. Combining the bank’s letter, accompanying the credit card and the innovative PIN Delivery service, obtaining your PIN on time is one phone call or SMS away, through a highly secure process.

This simple and convenient way for PIN delivery also reduces postal and operating costs.

Callers are authenticated using a combination of up to 3 of the following criteria, or any other piece of information stored in the customer’s database:
  • Date of Birth
  • ID Number
  • ID Issue Date
  • Passport ID
  • Home Phone Number
  • Work Phone Number
  • Mobile Number

In addition to the IVR option, banks can also use VoiceWeb’s SMS platform for the PIN Delivery.

Like all our banking products, the system supports most card types (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Electron etc.) as well as cards issued by several banks simultaneously. 

Furthermore, to facilitate the process, the bank’s or Credit Card Processing (CCP) company’s Card Management System communicates with the PIN Delivery service via a predefined protocol (usually web services). 

Feel free to contact us or check out the product brochure for additional information  .
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