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Voice Store Locator

Voice Store Locator is a Speech Recognition enabled, automated product offering customers assistance in locating the closest Point of Presence (PoP). Callers announce their current location and Voice Store Locator finds the nearest PoP and delivers the address and/or driving instructions.

Voice Store Locator is an instant and effective way for a corporation to communicate its contact information to its target audience. It adds immediacy, innovation and is an original and dynamic invitation to customers' points of presence.

Voice Store Locator can handle multiple locations, categorized by City, Area and Address. Each City contains multiple Areas and each Area multiple Addresses. Data is inserted into the database and is instantly available to callers. It can also handle several store types. This feature allows the offering of the service by an aggregator to several store chains or outlets. Each location can link to several stores. This allows having multiple stores even on the same street to select from.

Stores can be located either by providing postal codes for a specific location or by specifying the location by its city name / area / address.

The management console provides an easy to use interface for:

  • Adding / Deleting Cities, Areas, Streets etc.
  • Defining Relationships amongst them
  • Adding / Deleting Stores
  • Enabling / Disabling Stores

A confirmation SMS with store information can also be sent to the mobile number specified by the user.

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