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Automated Customer Surveys

Satisfying customers is every company's primary objective, and customer satisfaction surveys are an important tool in attaining this goal. Surveys provide formal feedback to companies as to the quality of their products and services, while they also convey a positive message to customers as to the company's openness in communication and customers' feedback about various aspects of the company's operation, thus enhancing brand equity.

Traditional types of surveys such as door-to-door, mail, on-line, or live-agent telephone ones, have produced limited response and increased costs. Leveraging VoiceWeb's Outbound Communication Platform and Automated Customer Survey solution, survey prospects are contacted and highly focused and customized customer surveys are performed. 

Customer satisfaction surveys can be initiated by outbound calls or can be a response to callers.

Outbound calls to survey prospects 1 hour after the completion of their call to the customers' Customer Care Center have become increasingly popular among operators. Benefits such us Fast and Easy Procedure, Low Budget and most importantly Immediate Feedback for action are key reasons why this type of surveys is expected to become the norm in the very near future. 

In addition, VoiceWeb's automated survey solution enables the set-up of triggers, sending alerts to responsible staff for further analysis and action. Should a customer being surveyed indicate "dissatisfaction" with a product purchase or service usage, a trigger automatically sending an alert to the customer service team to resolve the issue will be activated. Such triggers and alerts are fully customizable to the company's needs and business processes. With immediate alerts, get the right employees to reach the right customers, automatically!

Automated surveys can help turn both positive and negative customer insights into opportunities!

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