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Multi-modal Banking

While technology allows for the development of products and services that take advantage of all the complexity and capabilities of smartphone devices and applications, the ability and expertise of the average user to cope with these is sometimes limited.
It is thus evident that given the speed of innovation, the gap between systems' capabilities and human ability to make proper use of them widens.

With this realization in mind and with its expertise in various technologies, VoiceWeb has been utilizing and combining a multitude of emerging technologies in order to enable a more natural, intuitive, user centric, human-like interaction and communication.

This can be accomplished by giving the ability and freedom to the user to choose how best to interact with the system using a combination of multiple channels such us Speech, Touch & Tools, Text, and Video.

VoiceWeb is working towards this direction, enriching its Voice Banking services with multimodal interfaces that fit user needs in different usage contexts and give them freedom to choose the preferred way to interact with the services in a multimodal manner.

The term Multi-modal interfaces refers to the interaction panel between system and human for the parallel or sequential insertion of multiple input - output modules like for example speech, video, keypad etc.  For example, a user having access to a Multi-modal Banking service might choose to input a credit card number either by saying or by typing the digits using the keypad of the device. Alternatively, the user may choose to interact with the service through a video call, thus both viewing and hearing the available options and providing input either by speaking or selecting from the device's touch screen.

Benefits of Multi-modal Banking:
  • Visual & Speech Common Interface
  • Information provision via different channels based on customer needs
  • Friendly and warm user experience as compared to data-only or speech-only 
  • Simple & efficient data gathering and data analysis (voice in > visual out)
  • Increase in user confidence and security as input data is displayed 

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