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Voice Order Tracking

Voice Order Tracking is a Speech Recognition enabled, automated product assisting customers to track their order status. Callers simply announce the order ID and the system provides the status. Speech order tracking applications are unlimited, ranging across a multitude of industries. 

Voice Order Tracking can handle multiple orders in a single call.

Customers can be automatically identified and authorized to use the service by the phone number they are calling from and listen to their order status. 

Voice Order Tracking can be directly integrated to customer's ERP so that real-time information provision is enabled.

Users can get information about their order status by providing the delivery or tracking number. Information includes shipment and estimated delivery dates as well as all intermediate milestones. 

Advanced Flow Navigation allows users to go back and forth between the completed steps in order to confirm or modify any information previously provided.

In addition, a confirmation SMS with order tracking information can be sent to the mobile number specified by the user. 

Feel free to contact us or check out the product brochure for additional information.
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