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Voice Ordering

VoiceWeb's Voice Ordering is a Speech Recognition enabled product, which automates telephone orders. Customers' calls are routed to a wizard-like, customized menu and guided through the simple ordering process.

Voice Ordering applications are unlimited, ranging across a multitude of industries.

New orders can be placed by selecting products and their relevant quantities from multiple categories. Order status as well as other useful order-related information is available, while depending on the order status orders can be canceled. History of orders placed as well as additional information per order (Date Placed, Date Delivered, Cost, etc.)  can also be presented. Furthermore, information about product prices based on caller’s location is provided.
Location may be automatically detected or specified by the callers.  

New product lines, categories, items, prices etc. may be added/ deleted or edited using the console provided and changes become available to the customer in real-time. Several orders can be placed during the course of a single call and handled as a single order. Orders can be reviewed before submission, and an add / remove feature is also available.
A confirmation SMS with order information can be sent to the mobile number specified by the user. 

Feel free to contact us or check out the product brochure for additional information.
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