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Voice Ticketing

VoiceWeb's Voice Ticketing platform affords ticket providers the ability to use the IVR channel as a means to sell tickets to their clients.

It is a modular, user friendly, full-service solution that provides venue owners, promoters, event organizers, and ticket providers with the features and flexibility necessary to increase sales and improve efficiency through an innovative, automated revenue stream. 

The Ticketing platform is a one-stop-shop for ticket booking for a variety of events (movies, theaters, concerts, sports etc.) by different event organizers, venue promoters or ticket providers. 

Depending on each event's intricacies, different search and reservation options are available. Users are provided with flexible search options, using a combination of fifteen different criteria (Event, Event Category, Time, Venue etc.) of which up to three can be used concurrently at any given search.

It terms of Speech User Interface (SUI) design, it offers a wide selection of distinct, predefined, yet dynamically updated flows aiming at a more personalized user experience. Furthermore, it allows for the configuration of Speech Personas and Speech Styles which are enabled upon users' selection, offering customization based on user preferences.

The platform supports multiple ticket types (i.e. VIP, children, students etc.) and credit card types (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Electron etc.). An "Add to Basket" feature is also available supporting purchases of different ticket types or for different events.

Each user has a profile built, which is used for promotional purposes, show recommendation, loyalty mechanisms etc.

Additional value added features include Voting, Coming Soon etc.

Feel free to contact us or check out the product brochure and demo for additional information.
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