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Web & Mobile Ticketing

VoiceWeb's Web Ticketing Platform is a platform variant, affording ticket providers the ability to use the Web, Wap or Mobile Internet channel as a means to sell tickets to their clients.

The Ticketing platform is a one-stop-shop for ticket booking for a variety of events (movies, theaters, concerts, matches etc.) by different event organizers, venue promoters or ticket providers. 

The process is fast and easy, through a user-friendly interface. Users have to go through the following steps:
  • Select Show (ex. Cinemas, Theaters, Concerts, Sports, Museums etc.)
  • Select Performance (Movie Title, Venue, Date, Time & Hall)
  • Specify the number of tickets to buy
  • Search & Select Seats
  • Confirm Purchase
  • Login
  • Credit Card Authorization

Following customer's input at each step of the process, the system filters the data and returns relevant results based on the criteria set, while the user can also interact with the system and refine or alter the results provided (for example select different seats than the ones suggested by the system).

Feel free to contact us for additional information.
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