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Entertainment Ticketing

VoiceWeb's Ticketing platform is a 24-hour sales shop for a variety of spectacles.

It is a scalable, fully automated Ticket Provision Platform, integrating Ticket Aggregators as well as Ticket Providers, i.e. Event Organizers (e.g. Village Cinemas), catering to multiple events, multiple venues and advanced seating reservation requirements.

Designed in a modular architecture, it affords the ability to incorporate several aggregators for various types of events on both the database and flow levels. 

Any event organizer, ticket provider and/or ticket aggregator can connect to VoiceWeb's Ticketing platform, as long as they possess a ticket management system. Connecting to VoiceWeb's Ticketing patform means that they will be able to leverage upon all the available sales channels at once:
  • IVR & IVVR
  • Web
  • Points of Presence (PoP)
  • Mobile (Smartphone Application & Mobile Internet Site)
  • Social Media

End-users will thus be afforded the capability to buy their tickets from almost any place that has phone or data coverage. The service flow of all the various channels is similar, employing the same main entities. Transactions are held to the minimum time consumption, following the basic steps, making booking ultra fast and simple:
  • Event Category Selection (cinemas, theaters, concerts, sports etc.)
  • Event Selection (name, date, time)
  • Ticket Selection (ticket number, ticket type)
  • Billing Information 

This cross-selling feature combined with the simple yet powerful interface result in a ticket promotion solution that is a one-stop-shop for tickets to any event. The service realizes a variety of benefits such as increased revenues, cost reduction, overall customer satisfaction and increased availability. 

It also supports various billing mechanism such us credit cards, cash cards, loyalty cards, coupons, e-wallets, POSs, ATMs.

Feel free to contact us for additional information.
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