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VoiceWeb's Click2Call enhances the direct communication between users and company.

Many corporations are already using this immediate and convenient way to enrich the customer care experience. A completely hosted solution, "Click2Call" allows users to be connected to a phone number without actually dialing it.   

The customer simply enters the phone number to be reached at in the company's web, wap, or smartphone application page. By clicking on the link, the system, employing a contact center, calls the customer. Once the call is answered, either a pre-recorded message is played, or a new call is initiated to the customer care representative, and the two calls are connected. The below diagram summarizes the sequence:

Several successful, clever, and innocative web campaigns have also been implemented leveraging this technology, with great results in boosting brand awareness.

For end-customers VoiceWeb's Click2Call  translates to better service delivered at their convenience, whereas for the company to higher customer retention, better sales conversion, and lower operating costs. Given that this is an outsourced solution, the only requirement is the insertion of a link in the company's web, wap or smartphone application pages.

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