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Voice & Video SMS

Voice & Video SMS is a service offered by operators, allowing callers to instantly record a voice or video message after a missed call, to be received as a multimedia message.

This is an interesting alternative to texting, especially appealing to users who are not technologically savvy. Furthermore, while a text message allows a short piece of information to be sent, it does not convey meaning and feeling in the way that speech can - and texts are often misinterpreted.

Voice & Video SMS allows everyone, irrespective of language, alphabet or handset, to send a short multimedia message conveying a personal touch. Any user can send multimedia content from a pc or mobile phone to other mobile phone users.

Record messages on a webcam or a phone camera and send it to multiple recipients from your address book. Recipients will receive an SMS that has a short-URL leading to the message you sent them. Another option is for users to have a pre-defined Video Mailbox.

The application can be used both from a pc, by just opening a web page, as well as from a mobile phone, by accessing the mobile application.

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