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Premium Speech & SMS

VoiceWeb maintains a series of premium SMS short codes, available to all Greek mobile operators, used as a billing mechanism for mobile services offered. Dedicated short codes of different tariffs and/or dedicated keywords on shared short codes are available to our customers for developing premium SMS MO services, where the user is charged for the participation message sent, affording companies the opportunity to swiftly boost their revenues.

VoiceWeb SMS platform is flexible to allow for either the internal handling of all steps of the SMS service provisioning or the enabling of customers to run the service on their own. 

Examples of VoiceWeb's Premium SMS services include:

Similarly, VoiceWeb offers premium voice short codes as a billing solution for a number of Infotainment speech services.
Speech services are likewise very popular with many users using IVR numbers to be informed on their daily horoscope predictions, weather predictions,  itinerary information etc.
VoiceWeb is capable of offerig its customers premium IVR numbers of various rates yet open to all mobile and landline networks in Greece.

Being a leader in "speech" we are able to develop premium service with exceptional caller experience and increased customer satisfaction.

Feel free to contact us for additional information.
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