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Voice & Video IVR Services

VoiceWeb's expertise extends to developing and operating speech & video IVR services for both private users as well as business customers.

The growth of mobile video services has been driven by widespread broadband connectivity, the development of interesting video concepts, and the availability of rich video content. 

Mobile video services cover a wide array of value-added services ranging across multiple categories:
  • Video Streaming – such as mobile TV and video on demand (VOD) 
  • Application-to-person services – such as dating and chatting that includes video content and video greetings
  • Download (non-real-time) services – such as video ringtones and video clips

Examples of VoiceWeb's portfolio of mobile video services include:


VoiceWeb's traditional speech-only IVR services, when suitable, have been enhanced to include video in order to enrich the experience. 
Users just call a number and have access to multimodal - speech and video - capabilities, via an easy and intuitive user interface with exceptional caller experience.

Video IVR services make the most of the 3G network, boost the usage of video handsets and offer business partners a compelling and interactive channel for developing value added services.

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